Scroll Cross Air Flair

Scroll Cross Air Flair

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Our Air Flairs are handmade from 100% full grain vegetable tanned leather.

They are infused with premium fragrance oil, releasing a lasting scent to awaken the senses.

Scent Descriptions: 

* LEATHER – This scent is the perfect marriage between buying a “new car” and stepping into a saddle shop. 
* WARM VANILLA SUGAR – The title says is all.
* CHERRY LEATHER – This scent is a mixture or our classic leather with a kiss of sweet cherry.
* BUTT NAKED – This scent captures the youth of summertime! Fruity and Fresh!
* COWBOY COLOGNE - Smells just like the popular men's designer fragrance.
* CABANA BREEZE - Tropical Paradise
* COCONUT LIME - A luscious blend of juicy citrus fruits on creamy coconut. 
* VANILLA LEATHER - Our perfect leather with a kiss of warm vanilla.
* GOOD GRACIOUS - This blend is similar to the known Diva scent.
* STRAWBERRY LEATHER - Our classic leather with a kiss of sweet strawberry.
* BAJA CACTUS - The amazing fresh scent of the cactus flower.